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Iflight Xing2 2207 2755kv 4s / 1855kv 6s Fpv Motor

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 Since its initial release in 2018, the XING series NextGen motors have established themselves as the new industry standard. What factored into the success - the one-of-a-kind curve, a damping ring for bearing protection or the pairing of titanium alloy shafts with top-notch NSK bearings? After years of imitations and comparisons, it's time for us to elevate the benchmark once again. 

The XING motors just got seriously upgraded for smooth, reliable, and powerful performance! The manufactory precision work reaches a new level, sporting faster response time with center slotted N52H curved arc magnets -- a cutting-edge motor design.  Get the locked-in flight feeling you crave with XING2 motors! Quick PID loop translations prevent common FPV translation delays between braking and accelerating. By eliminating this characteristic bottleneck, we are redefining aerial drone performance.

Due to the high quality materials used and the durable joint of bell and shaft, we were able to reduce the magnet air gap and stator lamination to a minimum. Smaller air gaps result in lower reluctance and higher magnetic flux - the magnetic equivalent of current - leading to greater efficiency and power!

Early 2018 we started to put o-rings on the top of the bearings between motor bell and stator. This absorbs impact and tightens the bearing gap to minimize high RPM-induced vibrations after a crash. It can also reduce the axial impact force just enough to keep the bearings smooth and quiet. The new XING series comes equipped with the same high-quality 7075 bells, O-ring bearing protection, and all the other must-have features found in the original design. However, with a fresh new shape and design, it's sleeker and more stylish than ever before.



  • Model: XING2 2207
  • KV: 1855KV / 2755KV (select)

  • Version: CW Screw Thread

  • Input Voltage: 4S/6S Lipo

  • Configuration: 12N14P

  • Stator Diameter: 22mm

  • Stator Length: 7mm

  • Weight: 31.6g with short wire

  • Wire length:20AWG 160mm

  • Mounting pattern: 16*16mm



  • 1x XING2 2207 Brushless Motor (KV is optional)

  • 4xm3*6 screws

  • 1xM5 Flanged Nylon Insert Lock Nut


Iflight Xing2 2207 2755kv 4s / 1855kv 6s Fpv Motor

Iflight Xing2 2207 2755kv 4s / 1855kv 6s Fpv Motor

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