Top 10 Drones to Fly in 2022

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With the ton of drones available, landing the best option for your needs seems a tall order. An excellent drone allows you to grab excellent shots, fly higher and for longer, and it stays with you for a lengthy duration. In this post we focus on the best drones to fly in 2022!

That said, this carefully curated list takes you through the key aspects that the ten best drones have to offer. Plus, we took time to find whom each is best for.

So, dive in and find out what suits you, whether you only have a couple of dollars to save or want the best that drones offer. 

DJI Mini 3 Pro: Best Performance Drone to fly this year

Being the newest addition to the DJI family, the Mini 3 Pro comes with a ton of upgrades to boost your flight experience. It becomes DJI's flagship rig under 250g, succeeding the Mini 2 in the process.

Being under 250g, the Mini 3 Pro saves hobbyists the trouble of registration in areas where this is an issue. Additionally, you can easily get the gimbal off, making it ideal when you need to pack in haste.

It flies so silently and allows capturing of up to 4K/60fps videos with an extensive 12Km transmission distance and 34-min battery.

If you need a drone that's lightweight yet performs excellently, look no further than the DJI Mini 3 Pro.

DJI Mavic 3: Best Professional Camera Drone 

Though not a 2022 release, DJI Mavic 3 is still a newbie and, as such, includes many top features and revamps. It's the company's best consumer drone, perfect for photos and video.

With up to 46 minutes of flight, the Mavic 3 lets you stay 12 minutes longer than the 3 Pro. It's ideal for lengthy shooting sessions of top-tier video at 5.1K video or 4K/120p slow-motion footage. A 15Km transmission range ensures you get details both close and far.

While not a budget option, the Mavic 3 provides superior camera quality that distinguishes you from other professional drone pilots.

DJI Air 2s: Best Mid-Range Drone

If you'd wish to spend less but still want to achieve a performance close to the Mavic 3, the DJI Air 2s is a good alternative.

Thanks to a 20MP 1-inch sensor for superior photos, 5.4K footage at 30fps or 4.1K at 60fps, the Air 2s provides impressive camera performance. Its omnidirectional object sensing offers better awareness than the three-directional Mini 3 Pro to avoid crushes.

With its top-notch video and camera quality over its mid-range competitors, the Air 2s ensures unrivaled value for money.

Ryze Tech Tello: Best Budget Drone for Beginners

For those that can't go beyond $100, this is the best pick within this price range.

The Tello offers a practical solution if you want something to train with without spending much. This drone is a safe option that's a cinch to fly outside for 13 minutes at full charge.

You get a 100m range; that's alright considering the affordability. Its camera qualities aren't striking, though 5MP pictures and 720P video is okay at the beginner level.

The Ryze Tech Tello is a good starter drone ideal for flying during calm conditions.

DJI Mini 2: Best Beginner Drone

The Mini 2 is an excellent choice if you want to learn the ropes but also eye something that performs well once you get the hang of things.

Since it comes under the 250g sweet spot, there's no FAA registration needed. The lightness comes at the expense of recognition and obstacle avoidance: two things that'll drive you to put in the work to perfect your flight skills.

It has a fantastic 4K video performance at 30fps, provides classy 12MP photos, and allows 10 KM HD transmission for 31 minutes per charge.

An extensive range, easily-understandable QuickShot modes, 4K footage, and raw photo shoots make the Mini 2 ideal for pros and beginners.

PowerVision PowerEgg X: Best Waterproof Drone

If you like capturing video or pictures close to water, it's time to make the Powervision PXP10-W your best friend.

While the float and waterproof casing alter the drone's flight behavior, they're invaluable additions when shooting by water bodies. This drone is perfect for capturing ocean and river cruises or aquatic animals as they swim and lunge in the air.

Twenty-five minutes of flight time, 4K/30 fps video, and flight in harsh weather ensure excellent performance.

The Powervision PXP10-W is an impeccable-performing companion with a sturdy build and water resistance to ensure longevity.

TOMZON A31: Best Drone to fly this year for Kids

At less than $50, the TOMZON A31 is a sleek drone that won't dry your pockets.

The TOMZON A31 is a superb gift for your kids, thanks to its seven colors that'll instantly attract their attention. You get around eight minutes of use per charge, though a spare battery allows you to fly longer.

It has three speeds to pick from with 3D flips, making it a fun rig. Plus, no registration is necessary as it's only 68g.

With its cool LED lights and affordability, the TOMZON A31 is an excellent gift for your kids that's simple to use yet stylish.

DJI Mavic Air 2: Best Drone for Hobbyists

If you're an aerial photography nerd, the Mavic Air 2 provides you with a piece of invaluable equipment for captivating shoots.

For quality 4K footage at less than $1000 and superb images to match, the Mavic Air 2 is your unit. This drone shoots up to 48MP images and allows 4K video capture at 30 fps.

Additionally, you get an extensive 34 minutes that allow you to get many videos and pictures. The drone boasts exceptional protection with an ADB-S signal for aircraft alert.

With the DJI Mavic Air 2, you get a bang for your dollars. Its premium camera quality is better than most drones under $1000.

POWERUP 4.0: Best Lightweight Drone for Kids

If your kids love paper planes, the ability to smartly control this rig is sure to blow their minds.

The POWERUP 4.0 lets you fly it for up to 10 minutes at a maximum height of 230 feet. When the fun is over, you can enjoy reshaping the paper to different designs as you wait for it to charge within half an hour. There's also a basic plane design that comes with the unit.

The POWERUP 4.0 is a perfect way to keep your kids entertained while still maintaining the thrill of paper plane construction.

DJI FPV: Best Drone to fly in 2022 for FPV

The DJI FPV is a great pick for an enthralling flight while getting good shots.

This drone is a worthwhile purchase if you want your shoots to have lots of fun. Thanks to its FPV qualities, you get a stunning perspective of what the drone sees. Not to mention, it features stabilized 4K videos and a 150-degree field of view for breathtaking videos and pictures.

Although it has a bit of a learning curve, its dramatic FPV output is to die for.


As you can see, you don't have to spend much to land the specs you desire among these top 10 drones to fly this year. Whether it's only a gadget to fulfill your hobby, entertain your kid, or do some serious pro-level work, these ten best drones are your best bet.

Have you made your choice? Great! Grab your favorite from the list, and let's get flying.

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